vico open modeling

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We facilitate innovation and quality for our customers in the following domains:

  • Knowledge and Process Management
  • Software Development
  • Service Specification
  • Methodology and Quality Project Management
  • Biomedical terminology
  • Interoperability of healthcare systems

We provide our services with a dynamic and committed way different than usual. We apply our experience and knowledge to improve processes and workload methodology.

  • Training from an eminently practical view: "Learning by Doing"
  • "Coaching" for project management software development with agile methodologies
  • "Outsourcing" driven to requisite specification and information models

We join forces with multiple organizations:

  • Agreed Training Companies
  • Consultants
  • Software Development Teams
  • University Research Groups

Our preferred customers are:

  • SMEs
  • Banks and Savings
  • Insurance Companies
  • Healthcare Organizations
  • Administration (State, Regional, Local, Foundations)
  • Multinationals (Software Engineering, Laboratories, Pharmaceutical, Aerospace)
  • R & D + i. (Institutes of Technology, Departments of Applied Research)


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