vico open modeling

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We work globally, in collaboration with multiple companies, such as Arnold Consulting in Switzerland, Kern IT SRL in Argentina, Foscamb Consulting in Spain, etc. We also provide assistance to scientific societies such as HL7 Spain and HL7 International in their training programs on international standards of healthcare information systems.

Participate in biomedical research centers, such as the Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau of Barcelona (Spain), with the development and innovation of database models (Clinical Data Warehousing Doc), which integrate data with textual information based on XML clinical documents processed (HL7 CDA R2).

Sponsor university research groups as the "Conceptual Modeling Group" of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya Barcelona (Spain), for the development of prototype tools that automatically filter the relevant information distributed in large and complex models.

We collaborate with the public health administration in the development of reference information models in several health domains. One of the most recent is the blueprint in collaboration with TIC SALUT Foundation and CatSalut & Catalonia Health Department professionals.

We help financial companies such as BBVA to implement schemes of cooperation between the branches of organization and informatics that optimize application outsourcing and value chain deployment through projects of re-engineering and change management processes.

Work for R & D + i as the Institute of Astrophysics of the Canary Islands to train professionals in the various departments of engineering (computer science, mechanics, electronics and optics), the use of formal notations (UML) and Agile ( SCRUM), in order to implement controlled vocabularies in the requirements specification of functionality of their devices.

We support the implementation of quality management systems in software development projects. We conducted an evaluation of position on the international standard ISO 10006 - UNE 66916 and deliver tools and strategies for companies such as OASI of Tarragona (Spain), to periodically check their alignment with the standard of quality.

We work with software development teams in Australia, India, Spain and UK multinationals such as iSOFT, to help implement SCRUM agile methodologies and systems of quality management in projects that enhance the software production cycle.

Perform quality audits in the architecture of software at multinational companies like Roche Diagnostics AG in its production facilities in Mannheim and Sant Cugat del Valles, where they develop real-time systems applications to control robots and biomedical instrumentation analyzers.

Develop models of integration based on HL7 standards to facilitate the implementation of electronic medical records of the Catalonia Health Department. Develop guidelines for implementing XML-based clinical documents CDA R2 for TIC SALUT Foundation. Specify interoperability scenarios based on HL7 Reference Architecture Models for Knowledge Center i2Health Sant Pau, created by the i2Cat Foundation and Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau of Barcelona (Spain).