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Business Cases

vico open modeling business cases:

SME that develops software for a very specialized domain and is about to die of success. Its product, with over a thousand clients, requires a customized maintenance throughout its installed base and the effort is not sustainable due the constraints of its development. Hire us to select and implement a CASE tool (Computer Aid Software Engineering), to help specify requirements and design a new application architecture based on a components framework and configurable services.

Multinational with software factories in several countries requires implementation of a common architecture. Must be usable for all their development teams and must optimize your production cycle. Hire us to audit the quality of existing architectures and to specify a new enterprise architecture that will be the "controlled vocabulary" for the development of their products.

Multinational plan the introduction of agile methodologies in software factories spread across several countries in order to regain their ability to react to changes and adaptations that requires a global market. Hire us for training and coaching in UML and Scrum. Their development teams can make the most of Agile methodologies in combination with modeling through a formal notation.

University research group requires testing the prototypes being developed for complex model processing, telemedicine, security, etc. We establish a collaborative framework to apply their knowledge in real world domains of industry and services.

Software engineering company that works for the Administration with the aim of integrating health organizations. Hire us to develop a reference information model to facilitate the implementation of an integration engine to resolve semantic interoperability between multiple platforms in accordance with international healthcare standards (HL7, DICOM, XML, SNOMED).

Healthcare Maintenance Organization (HMO) needs to optimize the outsourcing of its services with industry players and need to evaluate the deviations occurring over the current model of health. Hire us to develop a reference information model and a strategic plan to standardize existing information systems in operation, and those that are under design, with its alignment to international standards (HL7, UML, XML).